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Arta Monday: Voidmage Husher

This is an example of art and card being well-matched. The title of this piece is Voidmage Husher, and the art literally shows a spellcaster shushing the viewer.

Whatever it was you were going to say, that’s not important now. Brian ‘Chippy’ Dugan keeps the focus on the figure in this piece, with her dark clothing standing out against the pale background.

2 comments on “Arta Monday: Voidmage Husher

  1. The Solo Meeple
    June 1, 2021

    Interesting piece of art, especially in the way it draws the eye – My eyes keep flicking between her face hand her hand and that’s all you really need to see as they totally convey the meaning of the card; everything else is just background.


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