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Bard’s Tale remastered achievement guide

I put a walkthrough up for this remastered trilogy back when it was released, but I wasn’t playing on Steam and so paid no attention to the achievements. That’s changed now, so follow this guide to see how to get from this:

to this!

Divide and Conquer

To get all achievements I took a party from the first game through to the third, and I recommend you do the same. Taking the option of a full power transfer between games, where you keep your levels and items, will help with getting some achievements too.

I will link to the relevant walkthrough part for achievements so you can see how to get them.

The first thing to do when looking at the 47 achievements is to see which will be earned automatically in a play through of all three games, and which must be specifically earned. After a quick count, I see 25 achievements we will pick up automatically while playing through the game. The other 22 achievements have to be earned specifically.

Tales of the Unknown

Main quest achievements:

A Good Year

Finding the Wine Cellar is the key to getting started in the first Bard’s Tale. It is your first dungeon and the key to levelling up enough to face stronger foes later on. Fight your way pas the Samurai statue, order some wine, and you’re in.

Something’s Smelly

Once you are comfortable with the Wine Cellar, take the stair down to the Sewers to grab this achievement.

The Magic Word

The catacombs under the Mad God’s temple are great for levelling up and early party. Give the priests their word and pick up this achievement.

Storm the gates

Entering Harkyn’s Castle is mandatory in game 1. Fight your way past that nasty Grey Dragon statue to pick up this achievement.

Crystal Clear

You have to defeat the crystal Golem to complete Kylearan’s Tower, so don’t forget to pick up the Crystal Sword (which must be used to strike the killing blow against the Golem) in Baron Harkyn’s castle


Once you complete Kylearan’s Tower you can enter Mangar’s Tower to pick this achievement up.

Heroes of Skara Brae

Taking out Mangar will give you this achievement

Other achievements:

Weapon of Legend

Before you defeat Mangar in the first game, visit N21 E10 on level 5 of the tower to pick up the Spectre Snare and this achievement.

Art Critic

There are a number of statues scattered around Skara Brae. Destroy them all.

Skara Brae shopaholic

Again, good practise indicates you will pick this up, but remember to access some drinks (like wine!) some healing, and buy yourself some equipment from garth and some spell points from Roscoe.

Livin’ La Vida Bard’s Tale

You can visit a casino only in games 1 or 2, but don’t forget to buy all the necessary services in game 1 to pick up this one.

Song of only Fire

Remembering to take the Fire Horn from the starting Bard will give you the Song of Only Fire achievement once used in combat.

The Destiny Knight

Quest achievements:

Citizens of Caith

You will visit each of the seven cities as part of finishing the game. If you like, you can wander the Wilderness and enter each city in turn to pick up this achievement earlier.

Knight in Shining Armor

The Dark Domain isn’t necessary to finish the second game, and if you are starting with a continuing party from game 1 it will seem easy. Finish it anyway to pick up this achievement.

The Battle is Joined

Once you get the first piece of the wand, you’ll get this achievement. Plnety more to go!

Storm the gates (again!)

Entering Fanskar’s Fortress will give you this one.

Turning Point

Get over half the pieces of the Destiny Wand for this achievement, you’ll need them all to finish the game

The Destiny Knight

Forging the Destiny Wand is another key progression point, and can only be done once you have finished all the dungeons in the game.

Liberators of Caith

Finishing game 2 gives you this achievement.

Other achievements:

Enter Sandman

The Dreamspell (ZZGO) can be obtained at The Destiny Stone after giving the correct words

A Fallen Hero

Enter the home of Saradon, located opposite Dargoth’s Tower, to gain this achievement.

Wisdom of a kind

The Sage can tell you what certain items do. Here’s a list of the different items he can share secrets on. For 100 gold per item, pick any 30 to gain this achievement.

The Thief of Fate

Quest achievements

A Shattered Dream

Go into what’s left of Skara Brae for this achievement to pop up

A matter of time

Creating a Chronomancer is necessary to progress in the game after Unterbrae, so pick a magic user to change class and get this achievement.

Elven intrigue

Completing the Arboria quest will grant this achievement

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Completing Gelidia gets you this one

Tomb Raider

Lucencia grants this achievement once finished

Blade Runner

Kinestia gives you this one

Nowhere man

Nowhere is the city in Tenebrosia, complete the quest in this realm to get another achievement

War never Changes

Whether you go the long way or the short way, completing Tarmitia gives you this achievement

All the stars in the sky

Complete the third game to earn this one.

Other achievements:

A Hundred Years from Now

The final prophecy is out of the way at the ruins of Skara Brae in an area of the city that can only be accessed via the catacombs.

Thief of Fate

This one can be tricky to set up, so remember to pop a save before your final battle. Your rogue must strike the killing blow against Tarjan or you will miss out on this achievement

Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky

Kinestia is the only place you can create a Geomancer. I usually convert either my warrior or paladin.

Twilight of the Gods

Pick this spell up in the Wizard’s Guild in Nowhere and use it at least once for this achievement. I use this all the time.

Any game

The final list of achievements can be completed in any game, except where noted. Most won’t take you out of your way.


Create your own character to pick up this achievement.

Dean’s List

You can’t play these games without advancement. The first time you see an arrow next to a character name, head over to the Review Board to pick up this achievement.

The mage’s tale

Making sure you learn the Level 7 spells before you move from one magic class to another is just good practise, but it’s not mandatory. Getting a character to the maximum in Wizard is something that you can do in the first game as long as you’re not speeding through. If you don’t this achievement can be earned in the second or third games too.


You should hit this one during your first game, before you enter Harkyn’s Castle.


Keeping your party between the first and second games will get you to this achievement


Keeping your party through all three games will see at least one character get here. Probably your Rogue or Bard, or whichever fighter doesn’t become a Geomancer. Switching classes resets your level to 1, so those characters who stay in their original class will get here first.

Retirement Planning

This achievement can only be earned in games 1 or 2, as there are no banks to take your deposits in game 3, so be aware of this!

Gold Digger

Keep your coins on you to build up to this achievement.

I’m armless!

Make sure you don’t leave those treasure chests unopened, chests opened with the Trap Zap spell count towards this achievement.

Hit me!

Like the bank, casinos only exist in the first and second games, so win a hand to get this achievement. How hard can it be?

The Archmage’s Tale

Like the other magic classes, the Archmage has 7 levels of spells to learn. Be aware the class is only available in the second and third games.


500 battles. Win them.

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