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Arta Monday: Magus of the Scroll

This imposing figure comes from Magic, but it could be from anywhere. I love the colours of this piece. Oranges and yellows dominate, and are contrasted by the green mask of the magus. Little imps hold his cloak from behind as he reads from a scroll over a cowering minion.

The mood of this piece is very much ‘I have the power’ and this comes through in every detail. A view from the barred window holds out little hope, and the landscape outside looks similar reddened. This art comes from the talented Greg Staples.

2 comments on “Arta Monday: Magus of the Scroll

  1. Kuribo
    April 28, 2021

    This is another really cool piece of art. It is like the fantasy and post-apocalypse genre smashed together (in a good way!).

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    • davekay
      April 28, 2021

      Definitely, I really like the colours on this one, quite unusual for a Magi card, where red is usually fireballs and so on.

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