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Explore fantasy art: Catherine O’Connor

I inadvertently featured Catherine O’Connor’s art a couple of months ago, when I noted how great the new slaanesh art is. Side note: come one Games Workshop – credit your artists.

Anyway, some investigations led me to the artist and her ArtStation page, where more wonders awaited. It turns out Catherine O’Connor has been responsible for a lot of great Games Workshop art over the past few years.

Dankhold Troggoth by Catherine O’Connor

There’s not a lot of light to illuminate this cave-dwelling troll, and the light green works great to complete the subterranean mood.

Morathi by Catherine O’Connor

The Age of Sigmar’s latest god gets some epic art here.

Lady Olyander by Catherine O’Connor
The Craven King by Catherine O’Connor

These two illustrations are each of Games Workshop models I would love to pick up and paint, regardless of whether I would ever use them in a game. They are both beautifully illustrated here. As part of the ghostly undead Nighthaunt faction, the spooky greens work great here.

Sigvald the Magnificent by Catherine O’Connor

The art that started my journey. The gory, arrogance, and corruption of this character are all captured here.


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