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Games Workshop’s pre-order pause

In an announcement on the Warhammer Community page, GW explained there will be no preorders for the next couple of weeks. This is due to uncertainties around delivery timelines.

Is this announcement related to the Cursed City situation? Perhaps, but if a pre-order is delayed, or supplies run out, it’s unusual to start removing references to the game. It’s more usual to give an updated release date, or a date when new supplies will become available.

They were quick to add that previews of upcoming releases won’t be stopping, so there’s that, I suppose.

People are reacting differently to the Cursed City news. For me, it means getting less excited about those previews. I mean, why set yourself up for disappointment? Anyone who missed out on Cursed City aren’t happy, of course, but those who did get a copy can now be assured this game will receive no further support, or even acknowledgement, from its maker. This is in stark contrast to the build up.

Whatever is going on, their current actions suggest GW haven’t quite got to grips with things.

4 comments on “Games Workshop’s pre-order pause

  1. Bookstooge
    April 20, 2021

    I realized you unboxed your Cursed City already. But should you have saved it and scalped it for 4x the price? 😉

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  2. Fredrik Svensson
    April 20, 2021

    Just a bizarre situation. I wonder how much goodwill GW has thrown away with this move, and whether people’s upset reactions will impact them economically at all. I’m sad to see that cursed city won’t receive the kind of continued support that Blackstone had, but heartened to see the community pick up the challenge and just run with it.

    It’s bizarre how I work re: scalping too. There is zero chance I’d buy the game at double the price, but now that I have it I feel zero interest in selling it for 3x or even 4x the price I paid.

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    • davekay
      April 20, 2021

      I feel similarly to you Fredrik, I have one more Cursed City post scheduled for this week-end, but I think I will leave it alone after that. With so many people missing out, and no support from GW, there’s other games I could be talking about instead.

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  3. Guru PIG
    April 22, 2021

    We should learn not to be surprised about this type of GW treatment of their customers

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