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Tray 7: everything old

With tray 6 completed it’s time to bring out tray 7. In a break with all other trays so far, there is nothing here that I have purchased within the past 12 months. The reason for that simple; all the newer models are painted now!

With Warhammer Quest: Cursed City not yet unboxed, I had complete freedom with this tray to raid my miniatures stores for old models, and so I did.

There is a fair bit of variety here ,although most of the tray is taken up with Middle Earth miniatures and the SAGA Norman foot brigade. The Middle Earth models include a spider queen, 7 barrow wights, a pair of Mordor trolls, and 24 arbalesters of Umbar. There’s a very old plastic space marine and a starter box dreadnaught.

Elsewhere on the tray are some Bad Squiddo models, some old wood elves I never knew I still had, some non-GW trolls, and some metal snotlings. I do not recall where I got those. With the last of my Tablescapes dungeons pieces to round things out, this is going to be a fun tray!

6 comments on “Tray 7: everything old

  1. grumpygnome101
    April 18, 2021

    I am very curious to see how you paint all these. Your discipline is admirable.

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  2. Azazel
    April 18, 2021

    Nice work to get through so many, Dave. I’m with the gnome above on your discipline as well. I’ve been planning to “Reset” my tray for a few weeks now and have cleaned up ..some of it so far. But I’ve also added a bunch more zombicide survivors to it, because when yyour productivity is on a roll, sometimes you just want to keep it rolling…


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