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The curious case of the Cursed City

It started as a fairly ordinary Saturday morning for me, which became stranger as it became apparent that something was up with supplies of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Specifically: there aren’t any. Unless you get lucky and find a store no one goes to that somehow managed to get a copy in.

Other than that you are out of luck, and always will be.

But then it gets stranger.

Games Workshop have removed many references to the game from their various websites and social media. The Cursed City website is still active as I type this, but links to the many promotional articles on Warhammer Community are now gone.

The articles are still there (again, as I type this) – for example if you visit my preview article on the Cursed City boards, the link will still take you to the Warhammer Community article, but you can’t get to that article from within the Warhammer Community site any more. How odd.

Here’s Midwinter Minis with a live but reasonable take on the strangeness.

I am confident you can find many less reasonable takes online too.

Games Workshop have sold out of items before, but I don’t recall anything like this. Even when Indomitus sold out they kept their own articles findable on Warhammer Community. This is… very strange.

I have my copy, and there’s an unboxing article scheduled for 24 hours after this post. I had planned more articles, but I’m not sure what the point would be of covering a game no one can buy. You’ll see me assemble and paint the miniatures of course, but I’m not so sure about the game. It would be nice for Games Workshop to clarify the situation as clearly they could sell more copies of they only chose to produce more. Expansions now seem unlikely too.

16 comments on “The curious case of the Cursed City

  1. Wudugast
    April 17, 2021

    Funnily enough I was just thinking of penning an article on this myself, but all I could come up with is “WTF?” which maybe doesn’t make good reading. It’s bloody bizarre is what it is. I know GW are bad for doing limited runs of things but usually they make a big song and dance out of it in advance to drive up the hype. This was quite the opposite, they stated several times that it would be a permanent part of the range. Plus the “announcement” that it was gone forever wasn’t exactly front and centre, just a comment on twitter hidden in a thread about the (admittedly very cool looking) new Wight King. I can appreciate they maybe don’t want to make too big of a deal of the fact that they appear to have screwed up royally but there’s a lot of public interest here and this radio silence is just fuelling speculation and ill feeling.

    I think it’s safe to say, based on what we can see as outsiders, that this was intended to be a permanent product right up until the last moment which makes me wonder about a couple of things. 1) they broke the mould – literally. Something went badly wrong in the manufacturing process and some key part of the mould used to make more of these was damaged beyond repair. 2) when I mentioned this to my partner she said “Has someone sued them then?”. It certainly makes a lot of sense of why they seem to be taking down links and generally burying something that they had otherwise been promoting. Have they stumbled into someone else’s protected IP? It would certainly be ironic given their past behaviour.

    Like you I managed to snag a copy so I can sit here smugly and enjoy the gossip but if I hadn’t I’d be pretty hacked off. Plus I was very much looking forward to seeing what they did in the way of expansions and I guess those are off the table too.

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    • davekay
      April 17, 2021

      Yes, it seems really strange and completely at odds with what they did with Indomitus where they announced within 24 hours that more would be available at an on-demand basis for a time.
      I didn’t see anything that struck me as an obvious copyright infringement, but that would explain the sudden wish to remove direct links to articles, although the sub-site for Cursed City is still up, along with the videos, so who knows.

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      • anon34a
        May 5, 2021

        The marketing for Cursed City was very obviously and very heavily borrowing from Red Hook’s Darkest Dungeon – which was also (late 2020) run as a succesful Kickstarter by Mythic for the boardgame version. While it’s arguable there isn’t a clear infringement within the game itself, that’s not so clearcut with the marketing material (and especially so with the Cursed City teaser) – and using others’ property to sell your own is arguably the bigger legal issue – lawyers will sometimes clear things for use in-game but not for marketing use due to it’s outward facing nature. It’s hard to imagine that Red Hook and Mythic weren’t aware of Cursed City, but who knows if they actually decided to do anything about it. The fact that the game has been scrubbed does at least point to the chance that GW were served with a cease and desist, but then the teaser and trailer are still live, so it all seems like a bit of a maybe. Source: NAL, but I deal with this stuff often in my day job.

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  2. inthewyrd
    April 17, 2021

    I tried to get a copy but failed miserably, my local shop only got hold of three copies. Seems to me they just supplied the scalpers market (of course genuine collectors got them as well, I’m just being cynical) I hoped they would announce a similar deal as on the Indomitus set which I got on the reprint.

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    • davekay
      April 17, 2021

      I still have my fingers crossed on that one, I was very fortunate that I happened to be at my computer when the email alert about Cursed City pre orders came through from my LGS.

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  3. daggerandbrush
    April 17, 2021

    I love a good GW mystery. As I am not that interested in the game itself, but the mini, I sure would love to see them painted here. Let’s see what the true explanation is, I am mildly excited to find out eventually. 😉

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    • davekay
      April 17, 2021

      Hopefully there will be a ‘big reveal’ once we get all the suspects in the same room!

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  5. Kuribo
    April 19, 2021

    It is incredibly odd what GW is doing with Cursed City. I personally see it as a botched release and a bit of a PR nightmare. You can’t hype up a game that you know will appeal to a large part of your fanbase and then make way too little of it and seemingly cancel making any more of it. That is leaving a lot of money on the table. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t return at some point in the near future which will rightfully make people happier than they are now but you have to wonder if GW’s limited releases is going to reduce or eliminate a lot of the goodwill they had so effectively built up recently.

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  8. mellis1644
    May 1, 2021

    Makes me wonder if there was some distribution in supply of some components for the box and thus it limited the number of units available for initial release. The rest are held up somewhere. Maybe the evergreen ship which is being held and not released yet. GW would not want to produce lots more (as that overall would be a loss and make too many copies, as there is a limited demand for these games) so there is a wait with no firm date known for when things are able to be released… This may be a bit of a ‘conspiracy theory’ but it would explain the lack of info and lack of a desire to ‘reprint’ as they actually exist but are permanently out of pocket/unavailable till the issue with the ship are resolved, which could be months away….Problem is I don’t think the ‘date work’ for this to really be the case for that Evergreen ship 🙂

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