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Explore fantasy art: Anato Finnstark

I discovered Anato Finnstark’s art in 2020, and I’m already a a huge fan. I’m going to share five of his illustrations here but you can find dozens more at his ArtStation and Instagram pages.

Pestilence’s Knight by Anato Finnstark

Anato Finnstark’s work can be found in computer games, book covers, and gaming cards. He also runs a Patreon and posts personal art there, like this one.

Isildur’s Fate by Anato Finnstark

This pieces keeps the palette limited and the colours dark. While it’s a scene from a large battle the focus is entirely on the two characters. Sauron towers over the kneeling Isildur, showing their respective strengths. But Narsil does not lose its edge.

Firemage’s Apprentice by Anato Finnstark

The details here are kept for the character’s face and head. The rest still tells a story. An ornate, but threadbare outfit, a dark room lit only by candles. This is the kind of artwork that makes me want to read a story.

Admonition Angel by Anato Finnstark

I currently own precisely one of Magic’s Secret Lair sets, and this art is the reason. Once I saw it, I just had to own a copy, and now I do!

Sekiro: the deep forest

Shadows die twice, or so I’m assured by the game’s subtitle. Art like this is eternal though.

One comment on “Explore fantasy art: Anato Finnstark

  1. Kuribo
    April 12, 2021

    Wow! Such talent. I can tell he is inspired by Sekiro/Dark Souls which are great video games to pull inspiration from.

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