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ICv2: retail steady through the pandemic

ICv2 have released their sales charts for fall of 2020. If you subscribe to their Internal Correspondence magazine then you’ve had this data for months. If you’re a website reader like me then you’ve had to wait.

Overall hobby game retail was steady in 2020 (in the US and Canada at least). The fall in in-store sales was matched by a rise in online orders. Stores who have adapted to the Internet (they had 25 years to do so) managed to get through fine.

There was a bit of movement among the sales charts too. First up we have collectible games:

Magic managed to stay top in the hobby channel, but it outsold by Pokemon in general retail and overall. Pokemon is going crazy in the US right now, so who knows if Magic will be top at the next update? It will be interesting to see. New Zealand game Flash and Blood comes in at the middle of the pack in this top 10 which covers collectible card and miniature lines.

In miniatures Warhammer 40,000 is still the emperor.

Age of Sigmar slips down thanks to Marvel and a resurgent Star Wars Legion. I’ve said it before I know, but it would be great to see a top 10 list here, rather than a top 5.

In board games there seems to be some permanent change on:

In previous updates it has been Catan and Ticket to Ride at the top, sometimes with a very popular new release nudging them aside. Here, Catan is clinging on a number 9 while Ticket to Ride is nowhere to be seen. If you’re not a board game player but want to try some, I can strongly recommend Quacks of Quedlinburg, Wingspan, or Azul. All very different games, and fun in their own way.

I look forward to bringing you the next update, probably around August.


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