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Bard’s Tale II walkthrough: Saradon’s Home

After the grim darkness of Dargoth’s Tower, Saradon’s home provides a refreshing change. It’s located in the same city of Philippi to the north of the Tower.

Before visiting you need to go to the location of Saradon’s last stand, in the Wilderness at N45 E29.

Here you find the Wardstone which will give you access to Saradon’s home. Back in Philippi, when you approach the gates with the stone in your inventory, the gates will open for you.

Once inside, you find that Saradon’s home is one of the few places in Caith that remains free of monsters.

There’s a teleport maze to content with, but it’s easily overcome and leads you to the centre of the map.

At N1 E6 you will find the Harmonic Staff, a powerful item to be used with care. One charge from this staff will restore a magic user’s spell points completely. I like to save this for the Destiny Knight and the final battle, but use as you will.

With the staff acquired, you can leave Saradon’s House and head to your next quest area. That will be either Dargoth’s Tower, or else Thessalonica and the Maze of Dread.

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