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Civ Battle Royale starts again

Season 2 of the Civ Battle Royale has now launched. For those who aren’t aware, the Civ Battle Royale is a spectator game of Civilization V where 61 civs battle it out for supremacy. Only 1 can survive. The twist is that the game is entirely played by the computer. There are no player-controlled factions in competition here.

The civs were previously voted on, and you can expand this image to see who is in contention this time.

Don’t get too attached to any one of the factions. Only one can emerge victorious.

Here’s the starting map, that will change as the factions expand into empty land and then via conquest.

You can follow the action on the website, part 1 is up now, new parts and more commentary is posted on the subreddit. I will be following along once again!


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