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Duncan visits Heroforge

I haven’t visited Heroforge in well over a year, so I was pleasantly surprised by how the website has come along in recent times. In tis video, Duncan visits the Heroforge website, explains his specific D&D character’s background – once a Ranger now a Paladin, was gifted elven armour and carries a bastard sword – and gets to work building it from the available options.

The specific character background is no problem given Heroforge’s options, and the model comes together on the website quickly. Once done, the model is ordered and delivered, then Duncan sets about painting it up.

Great content and a reminder to me that many of the hobby things I wished for when younger are actually available today. My own model, made and delivered just for me? Unthinkable when I started out unless you actually knew a sculptor and had enough money to buy an army ready to spend on a single model.


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