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Seb McKinnon’s latest Kickstarter

Coming just before his Secret Lair is shipped, Seb McKinnon has returned to Kickstarter for another playmat and print sale. One thing that has held true across his Kickstarter projects is that each artwork is exclusive to the project it appears in. There’s no second chances to pick up any of the featured prints or playmats. So if you see something you like, it might be best to grab it now. The playmats at least fetch a premium on the secondary market, so there’s nothing to be gained by waiting.

It also seems that his Secret Lair art was done with future playmats in mind, including the full art swamp.

The landscape treatment really opens up this scene. Also in this project is the eye-catching Damnation art.

There’s a high chance I will be picking up a playmat or two.


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