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Terrain from packaging

This video on making terrain from packaging material pooped up in my feed the other day.

Obviously this isn’t a new concept and YouTube has plenty of videos on this topic. In this case, I liked how he used the inside rather than the outside of the material to make his terrain. I also like the extra touches up and down the terrain pieces. They certainly turned out nicely.

I have a couple of box inserts put aside for later terrain making use. Right now I am still focused on painting all the miniatures I own, and having a target like that has meant that any hobby activity that doesn’t contribute to that goal is moving down the priority list. Still, I will revisit this video in due course (in about a year, given my current progress).

2 comments on “Terrain from packaging

  1. Adeo
    February 19, 2021

    I made a desert/kroot temple out of one of those packing inserts last year. Covered it with a thin layer of papier-mâché in order to deal with the underside texture and provide some strength. I have another bit planned to create a sci-fi well/moisture farm.

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