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2021 Challenger decks revealed

When I decided to take a long break from buying Magic products back in October 2020, the Challenger decks were one product I thought would be an exception. These have generally been well put together and offer an enjoyable experience, plus provide useful cards to use in other decks later.

With the four 2021 decklists now available, I think I will be saving some money. They have useful cards in, although they also come with some glaring omissions. It also looks as though the price will be higher for this year’s decks. Wizards chose to get rid of MSRP on their products, but it looks as though these will start at a higher price point than previous years.

Of the four decks, the Rogues deck appeals to me the most.

Since my collection lacks almost all the cards on this list, the deck appeals both from the perspective of not paying again for cards I already have, as well as offering a usable decklist, and cards that can go into other decks later. Yes I’m talking about Commander decks based around milling. Pity me.

One common theme of the 2021 Challenger decks is Wizards are trying to pretend the ‘pathway’ cycle of dual lands don’t exist. Instead of the obvious pathway for this deck we get the dismal Dismal Backwater.

missing, presumed valuable

The lack of pathway lands isn’t a dealbreaker for this purchase although had the equivalent land been in the blue/white deck, I might have been looking to purchase two of these decks rather than one at most.

There will no doubt be a review of these from Tolarian Community College. I would give these decks a C+. It would have been a B with pathway lands in the two decks that obviously needed them.

2 comments on “2021 Challenger decks revealed

  1. Bookstooge
    February 16, 2021

    These “challenger” decks remind me more of the old starter decks than the original challenger decks. I still have the first set without any upgrades and they’re still good for a round or 4 with my bro. These? I would be embarrassed to play them…


    • davekay
      February 19, 2021

      With key cards missing from each deck it’s quite disappointing and the only interest is whether it’s worth the price for someone to pull these apart to make other decks.

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