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Tinkerturf returns to Kickstarter

Tinkerturf make some impressive looking tabletop terrain, and they have returned for a second Kickstarter.

This new project broadens the range established by their first project. If you’re interested in seeing how their existing terrain looks on the table I would recommend checking out Torg’s blog. Spoiler: the answer is – impressive!

2 comments on “Tinkerturf returns to Kickstarter

  1. grumpygnome101
    February 28, 2021

    I was tempted to back this, in order to add to our large Battle Systems collection but my wife was not convinced and the Kickstarter came at a time when there was just too much competing for our money. Good looking terrain though. Did you back it?

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    • davekay
      February 28, 2021

      In the end, no. Not because I wasn’t interested, but SF terrain is a little way down my hobby wishlist at the moment.


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