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Arta Monday: Platinum Angel

This week on Arta Monday we have a striking angel figure from Gerard Brom:

Platinum Angel by Brom

The sword and shield suggest this is an angel of war. The lack of a face and the darkening colours on the figure create a sense of unease – is this a neutral figure, or a more judgemental one? The landscape in the background is obscured, keeping our focus on this central figure and her armour. Though lit from above the brightest points are the golden jewels shining on her armour, helm, and shield. The sword is simple, but with gold decoration on the hilt.

Whether friend or foe, this is a memorable figure indeed.

One comment on “Arta Monday: Platinum Angel

  1. Kuribo
    January 12, 2021

    The angel cards were always among my favorites for white cards so this is right up my alley! Serra Angel, in particular, was a card I coveted growing up even though I don’t think it was particularly valuable at the time or now 🙂

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