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A tale of two videogames

I stumbled upon a fascinating article at Kotaku, detailing the different reception of two indie videogames. One was a commercial success, the other a failure which left its creator out of pocket.

Here’s the intro paragraph:

Australian Game Developers Matt Trobbiani and Chris Johnson are best friends. They do everything together. They grew up in Adelaide together. They did a Computer Science degree together. They made video games together, released video games together. But when Matt released Hacknet and Chris Johnson released Expand, everything changed. One game made its creator rich, the other sent its creator broke.

It’s never been easy to create and market your own game, but I think it’s easier today than it was 15 or 20 years ago. Still the differing receptions granted these games is interesting. I’ve never played either.

Thing is, I attended Pax Aus 2015, across all three days. I don’t recall seeing Hacknet at all, and I did visit the indie stands. However it was the Blight of the Immortals stand that I stopped by and chatted to the creator. Elsewhere on the floor I played a pre-release version of Warhammer: Total War, and loved it. I also played an indie game called Gems of War, then later purchased it on Steam and played that for about three years.

My experience aside, this article is a great look at what it means to be in the industry these days as an individual creator, and how much a role luck can play.

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  1. Pete S/ SP
    January 10, 2021

    Interesting article there- thanks.



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