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Once upon a Wednesday: the billion dollar hobby

In late 2016 I posted this article about the size of the hobby industry. Industry coverage has been a constant over the life of the blog, so it’s bene interesting to document the changes, and sometimes to look back over what used to be.

Thanks to a number of factors – the resurgence of Games Workshop, the popularity of Magic, a renewed interest in board games, and a general shot in the arm from crowdfunding and 3D printing, the hobby has been on a constant growth path for a while now.

Thinking just of miniatures I was interested by the difference in just four years between this table:

and this one from 2020:

Warhammer 40k is now back on top. Age of Sigmar has improved from its dismal launch to capture second place, Warmachine and Star Trek is gone, and the two Star Wars games have been replaced by a newer game in the same licence.

What will it look like in 2024?

3 comments on “Once upon a Wednesday: the billion dollar hobby

  1. Arkhan
    December 26, 2020

    I find it fascinating that Games Workshop stellar rise was instigated by Rountree becoming the CEO and replacing Kirby. I would love to see a cut of the culture during both CEOs and compare them. No good thing lasts forever but I really hope GW can keep innovating and pushing the envelope long into the future

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  2. Kuribo
    December 27, 2020

    It is a big shift in four years and while I’ve been in the hobby about 4-5 years, GW has grown to be dominant and I tend to take it for granted and almost feel like they’ve been the leaders the last five years. I’d imagine that they can stay on top for a quite a while if they continue the trajectory they’re on.

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