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Once upon a Wednesday: a lean year for painting

This year I am looking at having painted over 250 miniatures for the second year running. It’s a big improvement on years before. In 2016 I managed to paint around 35 miniatures, and complete just a single project: the Storm of Sigmar set.

This was a small boxed set which served as an introduction to the Age of Sigmar game. It seemed like a simple project, but I still had to pull out the stops to get it done.

I was busy with other things that year, not least studying for my Masters – it’s also no coincidence that I finished that in 2018, and have painted 250+ miniatures per year since then.

Sometimes you don’t have as much time to paint models as you might like. Even some progress is still progress though. For me the solution has bene to cut down the acquisition of models to something less than I’m able to paint.

I haven’t always managed that, which is why so many of the miniatures I have painted recently are over 20 years old!

There’s plenty more still to go!


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