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“Say, buddy, can you spare $31,804?”

A video and article from MtG Goldfish caught my eye this morning. It simply posed the question of what would it cost if you wanted one copy of every Magic: the Gathering card printed in 2020? Restricted to English language only, but including foils, art variants, and so on.

The answer is a staggering $31,804.

The article goes into more detail, but it’s an interesting signifier of the sheer volume of cards that were printed this year. One comparison is that the same price would instead allow you to buy one of every Standard card printed, going all the way back to the set Visions, released in 1997.

Never mind comparisons with other real world alternatives for that money. How much would it instead cost of buy one of every model Games Workshop released in 2020? I’m happier not knowing the answer there.

2 comments on ““Say, buddy, can you spare $31,804?”

  1. Bookstooge
    December 14, 2020

    Sometimes ignorance IS biss.

    However, I for one would be pretty happy to own every set back to visions.

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