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Seb McKinnon’s secret lair

I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about the Secret Lair series from Wizards of the Coast. Overall I think it’s a good idea but the execution has been lacking. For the upcoming ‘superdrop’ of multiple sets they seem to have fixed many of the logistical issues which put people off. More countries can now order these, and you get charged just before your order ships, rather than when you reserve your set.

Most interesting for me is that they have given fan favourite artist Seb McKinnon free reign. He was allowed to choose any four cards and draw his own versions of those cards for a special Secret Lair release.

These are his four:

Swamp (full art card)
Sower of Temptation
Enchanted Evening

This bundle of cards is available as either foil or non-foil. You can view the set on the Secret Lair site. Like all Secret Lair sets, this one will be available for a limited time, and then never again.

My spending on Magic has been basically zero for the past couple of months; this set might just make me open my wallet once more.

3 comments on “Seb McKinnon’s secret lair

  1. Kuribo
    November 30, 2020

    The artwork on those is darkly beautiful! I think you should pick them up too for what its worth 🙂

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