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Radagast the brown

This a version of Radagast produced by Games Workshop during the gap between the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film trilogies. This is the man before he received the Peter Jackson treatment.

I enjoyed Sylvester McCoy’s turn as Radagast in those films, but I always liked this version of the wizard who doesn’t really help. Presumably he just got high and wandered off.

Okay maybe McCoy’s version is the more accurate, but I still like this figure.

11 comments on “Radagast the brown

  1. John@justneedsvarnish
    November 28, 2020

    A nice figure indeed! 🙂

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  2. ericritter65
    November 28, 2020

    I’m with you on the “Peter Jacksoning” of the LotR characters. So he got spot on, others … well Radagast.

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  3. deturnation
    November 29, 2020

    Loved that version, because it made a really good amber wizard for Fantasy.

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  5. Pete S/ SP
    November 29, 2020

    Nice figures- ~I like the subdued, earthy pallette used on him.



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    • davekay
      November 29, 2020

      thanks Pete, I had fun experimenting with a few different tones on this figure

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  6. Kuribo
    November 29, 2020

    This is a classic sculpt and many people prefer this one to the Hobbit version of Radagast. I like both and I think you did a great painting this wizard 🙂

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  7. mick
    November 30, 2020

    Looks great! I really like the subtle highlights too.

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