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Talisman RPG available

The Talisman board game has a special place in my heart. It’s not the greatest of games, not by a long way. Calling it ‘fantasy Monopoly’ would be too harsh, but it shares several design flaws with that famous game.

However, if a fun hours-long fantasy romp is what you need to take your mind away from life as a nerdy guy at military boarding school, then Talisman is the game for you. It helped me get through a lot of years and I’ll always be thankful for that, even if my gaming tastes have moved on.

I’ve never seen the game as having an RPG setting in it, but clearly I’m wrong, as demonstrated by this new product:

You can pick up the digital version directly on DriveThru RPG. Print versions will come, including a special black cover hardback with just an image of the eponymous talisman.

I have to admit, I’m not sure how this game will work, but I find it to be an interesting development. Clearly the board game is still selling, with rights having passed away from Fantasy Flight and onto European publisher Pegasus Spiel. I have a copy of Fantasy Flight’s fourth edition if I ever get nostalgic, but this could power a gaming session or two.


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