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Blood Bowl 2020 contents

Games Workshop revealed the contents for the 2020 edition of Blood Bowl on stream over the week-end. If you missed it, the recap is… there’s a lot in this box:

Each team has a good roster of players, including a star player for each team, along with an ogre for the humans, and a troll for the Black Orc team.

There’s the usual collection of dice and counters, plus what looks like the full game, league, and team rules in a single book. This was a notable omission from the 2016 boxed set.

I expect the box will be significantly more expensive this time around, and part of me wonders whether Games Workshop started with a price point, and then added content to the box to try and justify that rice. We’ll see, as price was not revealed.

The boxed set also comes with two unnecessary but cool miniatures – a pair of referees.

Referees in Blood Bowl have always been present, but in an abstract form. As far as I can tell, the models remain strictly optional, but it’s a nice inclusion.

You can see all the previews at Warhammer Community, and the previews cover games other than Blood Bowl, if you like that sort of thing.

10 comments on “Blood Bowl 2020 contents

  1. Azazel
    October 19, 2020

    Wait and see, I guess. With the exception of the 40k starters, they’ve really been creeping the boxed prices up in the last couple of years, so we can only hope that they keep BB aimed at the “entry” market rather than us Vets…

    • davekay
      October 19, 2020

      My feeling is the Australian price will be $320 or thereabouts.

  2. ericritter65
    October 21, 2020

    Wiat… what? The tall blonde Ref is issuing a red card. I thought Blood Bowl was based on Football? There are penalty flags, but no cards in Football!

    • davekay
      October 22, 2020

      Blood Bowl is a mix of soccer and football. Like soccer there are permanent sendings-off and 11 players per team, but most of the rest is football plus fantasy

  3. backtothehammer
    October 28, 2020

    The inclusion of 2 refs, 2 star players and 2 big guys makes me very worried about the price point. The current box is £70 direct (or Aus $165). I’m thinking the new one will be closer to £120. I’m worried it will be around the £150 mark.

    • backtothehammer
      October 28, 2020

      I’m also hoping that haven’t screwed up the most solid ruleset of any GW game, as it will be the most sweeping changes since they introduced the block dice!

      • davekay
        October 29, 2020

        Yes, it’s been a good set of core rules, and with league play they really shine. I’m staying optimistic for now, but we’ll see.

    • davekay
      October 29, 2020

      Yes, it would not surprise me to see $280 – $320 price tag for the new box. I’m hoping a separate rulebook will be made available.

      • backtothehammer
        October 29, 2020

        To be fair I’m likely to get the new box as I haven’t not bought one since 2nd ed with the astrogranite pitch though price might be the deciding factor.
        There is something called blitz bowl which seems to be the entry level game though it’s not available in the uk so not sure what it’s actually like or if that’s the way they might go.

      • davekay
        October 30, 2020

        I bought both the 1993 and 2016 boxes, so I’m good for human and orc teams and pitches, but I really would like to read through the new rules in detail.

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