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A cynical approach to Standard

Formerly Magic’s most popular format, Standard has fallen on hard times of late. In recent years it has been eclipsed by Commander as the most popular format. For a series of reasons, more new players are likely to pick up with game with Commander these days than with Standard. One of the main reasons is the poor state of the format.

One of the patterns that has emerged is the kind of cards which get banned. I don’t mean broken cards that make a mockery of Magic’s mana system (others can handle that one). I mean the practise of banning the stupidly overpowered card from a set or two ago, while leaving the stupidly overpowered card from the current set alone.

This time around it’s a card from six months ago being banned (and rightfully so) while a card from a few weeks ago is left alone.

A card from the newest set is dominating the format in a rather unfun way. They won’t touch it though.

Uro art by Vincent Proce

This appears to stem from a rather cynical attitude that the broken mythic rare from the latest set isn’t done selling loads of booster packs. Therefore it stays, and damn the consequences.

Standard hasn’t been done any favours by the current global pandemic, but Wizards’ design and curation decisions are having a much worse impacts. Standard is becoming a format that people aren’t interested in playing. It’s hard to see how this will drive sales.

Oof. Okay that’s two negative Magic articles in two days. I think I’ll stick to writing about the art, there’s always something positive to say there.


4 comments on “A cynical approach to Standard

  1. Bookstooge
    October 2, 2020

    I really like when Pleasant Kenobi and the Professor team up. I tried watching PK on his channel, but my goodness, that man has a mouth!

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  2. spalanz
    October 3, 2020

    Standard used to be my favourite format, albeit rarely playing due to the price of some cards, but it’s a shame to have seen it fall into such… disrepair…

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    • davekay
      October 3, 2020

      Yes it’s definitely a shame, and the whole situation has been caused by repeated errors that they seem determined to learn nothing from.

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  3. deturnation
    October 3, 2020

    On the flipside and completely unrelated: Tarmogoyf is as cheap as it hasn’t been in years! Going to buy myself one for under 35bucks!

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