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10 years of Civilization V

I started playing this game again recently due to some nostalgia and a general sense that the city building mechanics of Civ VI weren’t for me. Civ V isn’t flawless, but it’s my favourite entry in the series, and the many mods make the game experience broader and deeper still.

10 years ago Civilization V was released. As with many entries to the series, it initially paled compared to its predecessor until expansions adding more factions and more features came on board. I liked it from the get go, and Steam tells me I have almost two thousand hours in the game. No really, as of writing this article I am at 1,999.6 hours.

What a time to be alive.

Many mod creators who have worked on Civ V have gotten together for this 10-year anniversary and was a way of celebrating the game, they are releasing a new set of mods. Each one provides a different leader and faction bonuses for one of the civs provided in the game and its expansions.

For example, France in Civ V is led by Napoleon, while the mod switches leaders to Joan of Arc. This reddit thread will collate all the new civs as they are released.

It seems like a great way to celebrate a strategy game which has given me many hours of entertainment.

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