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9th edition Codexes revealed

Another week-end, another set of previews from Games Workshop. One impact of my allowance is that I get more excited by individual character models than by regiments, since those are easier to pick up. If I paint eight models, I can buy myself this happy little fellow as a reinforcement for my existing plague marines:

Alongside this model, Games Workshop revealed that Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Deathwatch, and Death Guard would all receive a 9th edition Codex before the end of 2020. NO doubt this will make a lot of players very happy.

On other forces there was no news. I became briefly excited by this image:

However this is simply the existing Forge World resin range. Plastic death Krops would definitely encourage me to paint faster!

You can see all the previews at Warhammer Community.

6 comments on “9th edition Codexes revealed

  1. deturnation
    September 14, 2020

    I somewhat wonder if plastic Death Korps would be any good – not that I wouldn’t love anything more than affordable ones (looking at Lumineth Realmlords – resin Death Korps are actually CHEAPER!; 5 Engineers are £27, 5 lower command are £30 hq £35 compared to £36,5 for 5 Stoneguard!), but – now for my point – they are true-scale and pretty intricate at that and I don’t see them keeping that aesthetic in plastic looking at the push for more or less 32-35mm bulky minis now.
    Like the Death Guard Lord, though I wished for another weapon, and as this is a monopose it’s alright.

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    • davekay
      September 15, 2020

      I’d love plastics if they were as close as possible to the current resins

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      • deturnation
        September 15, 2020

        I fear they would get the same treatment as the sisters who are looking pretty good but are very tall and bulky now compared to their old sculpts. Espeically that Hospitaller one! And as I said, I somewhat think they’d be even more expensive than the Forgeworld ones right now

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  2. Pete S/ SP
    September 15, 2020

    I do like the new Nurgle Lord- will look to add him in my army.



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    • davekay
      September 15, 2020

      Yes he looks good and will hopefully release with the codex


  3. Wudugast
    September 15, 2020

    Funnily enough I also tuned in just as the Death Corps were up on the screen and had a brief moment of overexcitement. Plastic Death Corps would get me starting an Imperial Guard army for sure. Overall I thought this was a great reveal, I thought it was going to just be about the new codexes, focussed on the rules side of things, with perhaps a token model here or there to shake things up, so this was a really nice surprise. That new Death Guard guy looks great and I’m very taken with the flayed ones and the new Crypteks.

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