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Explore MtG art: Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon’s art first appeared in the Lorwyn set and since then he has illustrated over 100 cards. His art has brought to life settings from the enchanted world to Eldraine to the dark lands of Innistrad. Regardless of the setting, Howard Lyon provides some memorable art, and often manages to connect his cards within or between sets, telling stories within stories.

In his career Howard distinguishes between his illustration (i.e. Magic cards and similar) and his fine art, which is portraits and often religious works.

The artist with his art

This picture of Howard and his wife Shari was taken at a convention. Hopefully circumstances will allow the art convention circuit to restart sooner rather than later.

Howard Lyon art: six of the best

Time Reversal (Magic 2012)

Time Reversal art by Howard Lyon

Space and planets rarely feature in Magic art given its fantasy settings, which makes this card stand out further from others.

Trapped in the Tower (Throne of Eldraine)

Trapped in the Tower art by Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon’s take on the Rapunzel story. The wistful expression makes this piece for me, as she watches the flower petals blow free in the wind.

Enlightened Tutor (Eternal Masters)

Enlightened Tutor art by Howard Lyon

Make a Wish (Innistrad)

There are no happy endings on Innistrad. The story of this card continued on the card Grapple with the Past. In this art though we see a girl throwing a silver coin down a well, perhaps wishing for the return of the guardian angels.

Make a Wish art by Howard Lyon

Taste of Blood (Magic 2012)

The vampire’s first taste of this particular meal.

Taste of Blood art by Howard Lyon

Angel of Flight Alabaster (Innistrad)

In our first visit to Innistrad we learned of the disappearance of Avacyn, the realm’s guardian angel. The other angel’s were in mourning, as seen here. Avacyn was eventually restored, but this is Innistrad, so…

Angel of Flight Alabaster art by Howard Lyon

…there are no happy endings. The four panels below tell the full story of Isobel the angel. From her mourning to standing firm at Avacyn’s restoration. However she descended into violent madness and was ultimately put down by the humans she once protected.

Further explorations: Howard Lyon around the web

The cards

click the image above to see all cards illustrated by Howard Lyon on Scryfall.

Prints & playments: Buy prints, playmats and more at Howard Lyon’s website

Social media: Howard Lyon is active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

art commentary: Howard Lyon is a contributor to the Muddy Colors website and regularly discussing the process of creating illustrations.

art class: Howard Lyon also uses Patreon to run a virtual art class.

bonus video: watch this time lapse video of Howard Lyon creating his Plains illustration for Throne of Eldraine

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