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Commander Legends revealed

As well as the Games Workshop previews I talked about yesterday, a new supplemental set for magic was announced this week-end. Due to time differences, I was tucked up in bed for both sets of announcements.

Commander Legends will release on 4 November this year, and is squarely aimed at Magic’s most popular format.

Booster packs for this set are 20 cards, unlike the usual 15 card packs seen in other sets. Unlike Jumpstart, the extra cards aren’t made up of lands, but rather the packs have been designed to draft in a slightly different way. To help players build Commander-style decks in a draft format, players will pick two cards at a time, rather than the usual one.

As a player who plays either draft or casual multiplayer, this set is of greater interest to me than anything else released for Magic in 2020. The set is roughly evenly divided between reprints and new cards. There are plenty of new commanders, and even a new land cycle.

The other two cards in cycle are in the set too, don’t worry! Pictured above are the enemy pair versions of basic lands first seen in the Battlebond set a few years ago. I immediately bought playsets of those lands, and I’ve been using them in decks ever since. I will probably do the same with these.

The Battlebond origins of the cycle is referenced in the flavour text for these cards, which is a nice touch.

We probably won’t know the full contents of the set until mid-October or so, and I will do my usual art review of the set once it’s fully revealed.

3 comments on “Commander Legends revealed

  1. deturnation
    August 25, 2020

    I’m very happy I left this hobby years ago, I still follow MTG for the drama and the financial aspect now though. Despite this I find it fascinating how they are churning out so many products in so short time periods now. I find it actually interesting how they come up with so many ways to sell premium products right now.
    From a playing standpoint this set comes off as a genuinely good product though, because what’s better than 15 cards? 20! Especially for draft or Commander where you can use more casual designs than in competetive. Apart from that I always was more of someone who was exited to open up a booster, so that’s nice.

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    • davekay
      August 25, 2020

      Yes this product seems surprisingly positive given what has been coming out recently

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  2. spalanz
    August 26, 2020

    Drafting Commander?! đŸ˜¯ Wow, I’ve taken my eye off MtG after the latest Ravnica stuff, but this has been a revelation!!


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