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Blood Rage wolf clan

I’ve completed the fourth and final set of clan pieces for Blood Rage. Behold the Wolf Clan:

The red was more of a challenge that the brown, yellow, and blue of the other clans. The figures I am happiest with are the ones where I successfully shades the recesses. While building up the colour these looked worst, but once finished they turned out best. Having the bottom of shields and the inside of sword arms shaded breaks up the red nicely.

Still, they do their job of being board game pieces belonging to the red player.

Having finished all 40 clan pieces I definitely think this box would benefit miniature players, especially SAGA players. The sculpts to a great job of capturing Adrian Smith’s gritty in-game art, and there’s plenty there to paint when you want them to look like an army.

The price of the board game is less than you would pay for 40 varied infantry models for SAGA, so it’s probably good value, as long as you would use most of the figures.

I still have 9 more models from the box set to paint, but these are neutral models which can be used by any player, so I will take a different approach to them.


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