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Blood Rage bear clan complete

The Blood Rage board game is a fun one, and I was looking forward to painting the models to show off how good they are.

However I realised that since these figures will stay as part of the game I need to think of them as board game pieces first, and miniatures second. This informed my painting choices.

From a board game perspective this is the ‘brown team’ and I needed players to be able to identify that from a distance.

It’s true that Blood rage comes with a set of coloured rings which go around models in your faction. However figures can be clustered together on the board and I wanted players to easy see whose figures were whose.

In the end they received a brown base coat, and brown mid coat, and a brown highlight. I finished the bases in brown, and gave them a purple lip, partially since my copy of the board game came with a purple sail for their ship. The other three clans all have the correct colour of sail, but not the bear clan.

As you can see from this close shot, the models have a good amount of detail on them. If you wanted a faction of say Jomsvikings for SAGA, you could do a lot worse than buying a set of Blood Rage.

You would also take a very different approach to their painting. I will finish these off with a coat of varnish to keep them from wearing as they are used.

2 comments on “Blood Rage bear clan complete

  1. Fredrik Svensson
    August 2, 2020

    A quick monochrome paintjob does quite a bit to bring out the detail in the sculpts, and it’s undoubtedly a great way to go in order to have a painted game on the table in any sort of timeframe. I gotta admit though, the pics give me an itch in the fingers to at least paint their skin properly 😅

    I went a similar route with my copy of Kingdom Death. Wanted to play it ASAP, but refused to put gray plastic on the table – so I airbrushed them monochrome plus some orange glow from their lanterns. I’m still itching to go back and give them some object colour as well, though 😋

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    • davekay
      August 2, 2020

      My fingers had that same itch!


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