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Pink terrain? Pink terrain.

I may have to pick up some of the Age of Sigmar and Warcry terrain simply to try some of Artis Opus’ painting methods out. The latest one creates an interesting pink finish:

After painting the Numinous Occulum and Arcane Ruins terrain pieces recently, I find I like this kind of approach the best – pick a colour and just paint the whole piece in varied tones of that colour.

In times past I have either used too many colours on terrain and spent ages picking everything out, only for the end result to look confusing to the eye. At the other end of the scale I have an old Warhammer castle painted in a single tone of dark grey.

This dark to light transition painting style appeals to me regardless of the colour used.

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  1. dave2718
    July 19, 2020

    excellent idea;

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