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Once upon a Wednesday: SAGA Revenants

The Revenants were an add-on faction for the original edition of SAGA, and were an optional faction. This faction left aside the historical core of the game for a Ragnarok-themed army of the undead.

I loved the idea and picked up a box as soon as they went on sale. In many ways I regretted not picking up a second for even more zombies.

The box contains 49 metal figures. To date, I have painted 12:

I completed these models in 2015, and once again there is much I would change if I were painting them today.

I’m not painting them today though. These models are a great symbol to me of the perils of abandoning a project part way through. I got off to a decent start in 2015, put the rest aside, and have still yet to come back to them. These models aren’t on the current tray, and (spoiler alert!) they won’t be on the next tray either.

If I can, I will get this project finished in 2021. For now though, it remains a possibility.


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