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Getting started in Wasteland remastered

Wasteland remastered is a fun and challenging game. It’s a faithful re-presentation of a game designed in the 1980s, delivered for today’s audience.

However it is possible to find the game obtuse or unhelpful, since many of the game’s mechanics and quirks haven’t been seen in, well, decades.

Using skills and items, getting money, and hiring NPCs are all things which require practise to get right.

Worry not! With this quick start guide you will have a party of 6, over $1,000 cash, and starting armour for every party member, in about 20 minutes of play. You will also have practised using skills and items, something that happens throughout the game.

Step 1: Christina

Starting out at Ranger Centre, we will keep the beginning party and head straight for the little town of Needles. It’s North West of Ranger Centre, past the mountains.

Enter the town by walking across the bridge and entering the square right in front of you. From there, walk straight north across the rail tracks. Don’t worry about random encounters as you starting party can deal with it.

Once past the tracks, enter the alleyway by walking north from the party’s position in the above screenshot.

Christina is waiting in the alley. Walk up to her, and use the ENC command. It’s between Use and Order. This will start a round of combat, but you don’t want to attack! Both Hell razor and Angela Deth should select (H)ire as their combat options, the others should evade.

Congratulations! Christina is a useful party member, especially at this early stage in the game. Unlike most NPCs in this game, she comes fully equipped, with armour and an automatic weapon.

Once Christina has joined you, leave the alley by the way you entered, and then walk east and out of Needles. Time for step 2, which involves using skills and items.

Step 2: Dan, Mayor Pedros, and $1,000 cash

The town of Quartz lies south of Needles, and this is our next stop.

Enter the town by walking left from the position shown above. Walk north past the graveyard and then west to the Courthouse.

Enter by walking north from the position shown above. The guards will immediately ask you for the password. We’re not looking for a shootout here, so tell them ‘Muerte’ and they will let you pass.

Once inside, head for the atrium, enter and stop where you see vines that climb up. The vines climb up, and so can you!

To climb up, select Use from the menu. Select Hell Razor, and then select skill. On the skill list select the Climb skill. Then use this skill on the square you are in. On the PC version this means simply pressing space. If at first you don’t succeed try again.

Once you are successful, it’s time to Use again. Select Hell Razor, and this time select Item. Pick the Crowbar, and use it to your right. This will smash the glass (alerting no one!) and then you can leave the room you break into via the south door.

Walk around to the next door, and save your game. This next bit can be tricky, and to fail will cost us our $1,000. So we won’t be failing! After getting an alert about the sleeping guard, don’t move. It’s time to Use again. This time we are selecting Christina and then Skill.

The skill to select here is Silent Move. Christina has 3 levels in this skill, making the next bit almost a sure thing. Use the skill to your north. Then take a step…

If you’re successful, this is what you will see. If not, reload your save and try again.

With the guard taken out, and his bracelet removed, move up to the next door.

Take out the thugs inside (and take their bracelets and armour too!). There’s a man in a bad way in the chair. This time, select Use and select any party member. Use their Canteen on the man strapped to the chair to give him a drink. He will recover and thank you.

Use ENC and then (H)ire again to add Dan Citrine to your party. He won’t be staying long, so don’t give him any items or money.

With Dan in the party, walk back to the atrium and those vines.

Use Hell Razor or Christina’s Climb skill to move up a floor again. Creak the glass just like before and head through the east door. This door is locked, so it’s time for Angela Deth and her Picklock skill.

Once through that door, follow the corridor and use Picklock again to get the first cell door open. It might be hard to see in the screenshot below but the cell door is opposite the bathroom door.

Inside this room is a man – Dan Citrine’s dad! If Dan is in your party he will give you $1,000 cash. You can give this to any party member you want, and this can be any party member except for Dan.

Dan’s dad will leave and it’s time for Dan to go, too. Select ‘Disband’ from the menu and select Dan. The game will ask if you’re sure. Once disbanded, and NPC takes their equipment and cash and is gone form the game forever. This is why we don’t give Dan items or money.

There’s another cell to visit directly north. Use Angela Deth’s Picklock skill again. Inside is Mayor Pedros. Select ENC, and have your first two party members (H)ire the mayor. He’s a useful NPC, if a little low on hit points.

Once note on the cell doors: there is a second option to open them. Buy some TNT at the Quartz general store (sell Hell Razor’s revolver and ammo to afford it). Use TNT instead of Picklock to instantly blast down the cell doors.


Notice in the screenshot above that Thrasher’s CON now says SER? This is bad. Characters who take damage go unconscious (UNC) but gradually get batter. Characters who are seriously wounded (SER) just keep getting worse until they die.

In this case Snake Vargas has two levels in the Medic skill, and can take care of Thrasher. Use this skill until you get the message that Thrasher is improving and his condition has changed to UNC. It may take several attempts.

Step 3: Leave Quartz via the store

We are leaving, so go back to the vines and use your Climb skill to get down. In the screenshot above, Hell Razor is unconscious and can’t use his skills, but Christina has Climb as well as Silent Move and can get the party back down.

Climb back down to the atrium by using the Climb skill twice, and then leave the Courthouse the way you came in. The guard will not challenge you when you leave.

Head to the south west corner of Quartz, to where the party is standing in the screenshot above. From here take one step left to enter the Quartz store.

The main thing to do here is buy a Canteen and give it to Mayor Pedros, otherwise he won’t cope with the heat of the wasteland. You can also sell items here, but you don’t need to unless you would rather use TNT than your Picklock skill.

Step 4: Highpool’s engine

The broken engine in Highpool is one of the first puzzles in the game, and it can only be solved by buying a new one for the sum of $500. You can buy an engine from the Rail Nomads,

Three tends and and old train mark the Rail Nomads on the map. In this example though I first went deeper into the desert to Camp and heal.

The safest place to camp in the wasteland is on spaces where you get the message ‘It’s VERY hot!’. Random encounters won’t happen on these spaces. Simply find one and select Camp from the menu. The party will rest and heal.

Now let’s go back to the Rail Nomads and get that engine.

You always start in the same place when entering the Rail Nomads camp, regardless you where you enter from the wasteland. Walk along the train until you get to the spot shown in the screenshot above.

Once in the trading car, select the party member who has Dan Citrine’s money and then select (B)uy. Purchase the engine for $500. Then you can leave the camp and head south to Highpool.

The broken engine is in a building at the southern end of Highpool.

Before fixing the engine, walk over the bed to find a free stash of goods. Then stand over the machine as shown above. Select Use, select the character with the engine. Select item, and then choose the engine and use it on the space you are in.

This fixes the engine, and townsfolk will appear to give you an immediate reward, including most of your cash back.

Step 5: whatever you want!

You now have over $1,000 cash, and a bunch of jewelry to sell at the Highpool store take your cash total even higher. The codes from those bracelets you picked up in Quartz will come in useful later, but you can freely sell the items for cash.

Your party also has two useful NPCs and everyone has some armour to help keep them safe.

This took me 19 minutes of playing to achieve, and that includes the time I spent healing Thrasher and finding a place to camp and heal.

After these steps you have many options. You can get rid of the starting party members and create your own party.

You can stay in Highpool and finish your tasks there, or else go help the Agricultural Centre with their issues. You could even head back to Quartz and finish freeing the town. Mayor Pedros has a wife, you know…

Whatever you decide next – good luck, Ranger!

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  2. Don Pedro
    June 5, 2021

    I have just started playing Wasteland and came across your website. First of all, well done, it is a great site, and second, it is very helpful when it comes to Wasteland! Well done mate!

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      Thanks for that, I’m glad you’re liking it!


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