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More new 40k models revealed

In this era of home 3D printing, Games Workshop are doubling down on excellence in plastic kits. I look around at bloggers creating resin wonders in their homes and can see the industry changing.

Will Games Workshop’s great plastic kits keep them in the game, or are they building the best steam engines in an era of electric trains? That’s an article for another time. For today, let’s look at some cool new plastics!

Necron players have been getting spoiled with these new releases, the same way Death Guard players received many treats with 8th edition. There’s a lot going on in this new plastic kit.

The process of replacing space marines with primaris marines continues with techmarines the latest model to receive the primaris treatment. I actually like the new primaris models, although I don’t own any myself… at least not right now.

If I was going to buy a Warhammer 40,000 model just to paint, it would probably be this one. I love the pixellated effect they have put into this model. Game Workshop have also mastered the ‘floating’ effect on their larger plastics.

You can see these pics and more at Warhammer Community.

9 comments on “More new 40k models revealed

  1. Azazel
    July 6, 2020

    Really loving that Techmarine (and the Biker Chaplain). I won’t be loving the prices so much, though.

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  2. maenoferren22
    July 8, 2020

    The problem I find with the new big miniatures is the storage

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    • davekay
      July 8, 2020

      True, I have some new plastic boxes to hold some of the terrain and large models I have been painting recently

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  3. imperialrebelork
    July 9, 2020

    I’ve decided to start a Necron army in 2021, simply because of the new models. Sighhhhhh… more projects and ideas haha.

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  4. backtothehammer
    July 13, 2020

    I have to say I’ve been picking up some of the Primaris range and love the models (not the suppressors though, they are too ott).

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