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Core Set 2021 art review

Magic’s latest core set is out now, and it’s very much in the vein of Core Set 2020. In years past, core sets have been criticised (and generally ignored by players) due to a lower power level combined with a high number of reprints. Core Set 2020 changed that by adding some phenomenally powerful cards, some of which ended up being banned in Standard and older formats too.

But. This article is about the art, not the cards themselves, so let’s have a look at that. Similar to other core sets, Core Set 2021 has six planeswalkers, five of which correspond to one of the colours of Magic. These all have ‘follower’ cards which reference the planeswalker in name or action.

Magic sets these days are all about the special ‘bling’ cards – alternate arts only available in certain packs or at very high rarities. The planeswalkers all have them, and two of those are featured here.

Radha, Heart of Keld by Chris Rahn

art by Chris Rahn

This is Radha’s third card (that I know of). I’ve long been a fan of Chris Rahn‘s art in this game and the combination here of a strong central character with an awesome sky behind gets me every time.

Chromatic Orrery by Volkan Baga

art by Volkan Baga

I enjoy a bit of artifice with my arcana and Volkan Baga delivers here with this magical engine that can remove your mana worries.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Ryan Pancoast

art by Ryan Pancoast

This card is a reprint and will mostly be seen in its original art by Raymond Swanland. However very occasionally you’ll see this art in a booster pack, they are mainly available through Collectors’ Booster boxes though.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead by Magali Villeneuve

art by Magali Villeneuve

Like the Ugin art above this one is only found on the special borderless planeswalker card, which will be found more rarely. This one looks to be worth hunting for though!

Sabertooth Mauler by Randy Vargas

art by Randy Vargas

Core Set 2021 shows us glimpses of several of Magic’s many worlds. As such there’s a variety of beasts and monsters, allies and enemies. The sabertooth mauler is plenty monstrous for me.

You can see all cards in Core Set 2021, including the many variants, via Scryfall.

One comment on “Core Set 2021 art review

  1. Bookstooge
    June 28, 2020

    WotC has been doing a terrible job of curating their cards for long term play, that is for sure. heck, even for short term play, sigh….

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