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Combined warband/ blood bowl team project

I checked out the Pestilence Gladiators project on Kickstarter recently, and a couple of things struck me about this project.

It’s a miniatures project that is often seen on crowdfunding website. A single sculptor, creating resin figures of good quality, taking to crowdfunding to bring his dream to reality.

The difference that struck me was that the way he’s made his models and organised his project to serve the needs of those creating warbands, and those creating Blood Bowl teams.

Here’s the warband:

and here is the Blood Bowl team:

My thoughts were “what a cool idea” quickly followed by “why hasn’t anyone done this before?”

Now I don’t spend my days glued to Kickstarter so maybe this is the norm now and I just missed it. Thinking of other crowdfunding projects I have seen, catering to warband players and builders of fantasy football teams is a clever way of increasing your backer base without massively increasing your own costs.


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