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Once upon a Wednesday: Doomdark’s Revenge

I first played Doomdark’s Revenge in the 1980s and fell in love with this 8-bit strategy game straight away.

It’s a close as you’ll find on such old systems to a grand strategy game with a 3D map view. The screen shows landscapes and buildings, along with marauding armies.

The game features 128 lords, 127 of whom can be recruited to your side. Your mission is to rescue the missing prince and defeat the evil sorceress who rules the lands.

The lords themselves recruit their own armies and can capture one another’s cities and fortresses to extend their control and provide a steady stream of recruits to replace battle losses.

When the PC remake was released I knew I wanted to write a playthrough. Doomdark’s Revenge took me a few years of playing before I completed a game as finding Morkin, the missing prince, can be quite tricky. Even once you find him only one character can break the spell he’s under to recruit him to your side.

So a walkthrough for this 1980s game made sense to me. I published this guide back in 2015, and I have written a few more since, all for classic remastered games.

It has become a fun subject for me, although the criteria have never changed; a classic remastered game that I genuinely loved back in the day. I have covered a total of 5 games now and with remastered games a growing trend, no doubt more will follow.


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