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7 days, 220 Orks, 1 plan

This is far in advance of my own painting output, but Midwinter Minis used their one-week painting competition time to paint the orks which had been laying around for a number of hears, assembled but not completed.

This turned out to be a lot.

A couple of things struck me about this video, and it dovetails in to the article series I’m still planning about my own approach to painting through the pile of shame.

There was a plan, and there was a schedule.

I often see these two things missing from other people’s grand ideas to paint through their collections – ideas that invariably fail to come off.

The early stages of planning in this example was to set a daily schedule of 7 hours painting, and then break that into stages over the 7 days. Undercoating, base colours, dip, clean up etc.

This reveals that 7 hours of painting, 7 days per week, would leave less than 20 minute per model on average. Even though the army painting scheme was already picked and practised, this was a stretch. This might do for a simple gretchin, but not for the more complicated models.

I’ll let you watch the video to see the outcome, but having plans is important, even if you change them later.

9 comments on “7 days, 220 Orks, 1 plan

  1. theimperfectmodeller
    May 30, 2020

    Pretty incredible to say the least.

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  2. Bookstooge
    May 30, 2020

    This sounds like a great title for an action/adventure movie 😀 Preferably one set in Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International book series…

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  3. Pete S/ SP
    May 31, 2020

    Watched the video- it is one impressive achivement.



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    • davekay
      June 1, 2020

      Yes, I would not want to do something as intensive myself, but I have to admire the planning and execution!

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  4. Kuribo
    June 1, 2020

    I’ve always thought there is a bit of a disconnect between GW’s packing more and more details into their minis and yet, most people play 40k for the armies and you can’t really paint up an army nicely without taking years to do so. It is nice to see someone show what can actually be done if you want an army painted up quickly and full credit to them for accomplishing that goal. Painting a bunch of the same or similar minis in a row can be a real chore!


    • davekay
      June 1, 2020

      Yes, I would not attempt anything similar in the same timeframe, but it shows what can be done with a plan and not quite enough time.

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