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World building across systems

A long time ago some friends of mine developed thier own world for playing games of Dungeons & Dragons – Eldoria.

Decades later they are still going, and in a different game system. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, they have been able to share their work with everyone via DriveThru RPG.

I’m no stranger to worldbuilding, but Eldoria is something special. It’s a consistent world which has been developed over decades, and each adventure being run may change the world slightly. The delicate political balance may change, ancient schemes are thwarted (or not), and new enmities are formed.

If you have been playing with the idea of worldbuilding, you’ll find Eldoria to be a good example of a successful fan-made RPG setting. Check it out now on DriveThru RPG.

(Disclaimer) I helped edit one of the rulebooks a couple of years ago.


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