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Once upon a Wednesday: Imbrian orcs & goblins

2014 was not a great year for painting. I completed only two projects, one of which was this box of orcs and goblins by Imbrian arts. 2014 wasn’t a great year for photography either; this really is the best image I have to the finished group.

The models are both high on detail and high on originality.

I feel like these figures would benefit from a second go, but I have promised myself no repainting until I have first completed all the miniatures I own!

2 comments on “Once upon a Wednesday: Imbrian orcs & goblins

  1. Argentbadger
    May 21, 2020

    I think that they look nice and need no repainting. But let’s face it: repainting is a fool’s dream as none of us will ever get the Pile of Shame low enough for already-painted miniatures to appear on the agenda (maybe you will due your clever ‘tray’ system).

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    • davekay
      May 21, 2020

      I’ll be happy if I ever get that far but you’re right and maybe a revisit with a better camera is more fitting than a revisit with the paint brush


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