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Once upon a Wednesday: Rick Priestley interview

Rick Priestley was an influential designer during his years at Games Workshop in the 1980s and 1990s. The business changed around him a lot while he was there.

This article from December 2015 has been remarkable for me as I have had to change the link to the interview twice since the original publication date.

Click here to read the full article

I first found the interview on an Oldhammer blog page. Oldhammer is the name given to gaming with older 1980s style miniatures, often heavily influenced by the work of Michael Moorcock. When that blog shut down I was able to find a similar interview and link to that.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on

The second link lasted maybe a year and I was forced to look again. This article has served to remind me that it’s worth checking for dead links. WordPress sends no automated alerts about this. I find out by clicking the same outbound links that others do when they visit the blog.

I’ll only find out after the fact that someone tried to go somewhere but couldn’t, but it’s the best system I have come up with.


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