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Explore MtG art: Nils Hamm

Nils Hamm’s debut came in the 2007 set Future Sight. This set deliberately included ‘futureshifted’ features, which hinted at cards, mechanics, and yes artists we would be seeing in the future.

We’ve seen a lot of Nils Hamm since then. He quickly became my favourite artist in the game. His style of often darker than what you might usually see on magic cards. However in recent sets especially I see more art and artists in a similar style, which I would call a positive development.

My own collection of Magic cards includes a special folder containing one copy of every card illustrated by Nils Hamm.

The artist with his art

This picture was taken at the Tokyo Art Show in late 2019. It shows NIls Hamm standing next to a hand-painted replica of his digital Baleful Strix art.

Don’t get excited; it’s already sold.

Nils Hamm art: six of the best

Boneyard Lurker art by Nils Hamm

This art is from the 2020 Ikoria set. It was first painted traditionally, and then scanned and finished digitally to create this effect.

Briarhorn art by Nils Hamm

This art from Lorwyn fits in great with the British folkore feel of the set.

Mortify art by Nils Hamm

This art is my favourite for Mortify, although the other art for this card is great too. This art first appeared in one of the now-discontinued Duel Deck products.

Grave Titan art by Nils Hamm

The titan cycle of creatures appeared in Magic 2010 and have been used by many players since then. Grave Titan brings zombies into play whenever it enters the battlefield or attacks. In Nils Hamm’s vision these zombies are literally falling from the titan.

Once and Future art by Nils Hamm

The 2019 set Throne of Eldraine also drew from British mythology and the direct Arthurian references on this card come over strongly through the art.

Everdream art by Nils Hamm

This magical piece appeared in the 2019 Modern Masters set.

Further exploration: Nils Hamm around the web

The cards

Click the image above to see all cards illustrated by Nils Hamm on Scryfall.

Prints and playmats

You can find prints and playmats featuring Nils Hamm’s work at the Original Magic Art Store

Social Media

Nils Hamm has a presence on ArtStation and Instagram


Here’s a fantastic video of Nils Hamm’s art and creative process from Rhystic Studies:

Further exploration: Magic art beyond Nils Hamm

Click the images below to explore other Magic artists


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