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Wasteland remastered walkthrough part 13: Base Cochise and victory

If you missed it, go back to part 12 and the Guardian Citadel.

Now it’s time for the helicopter. Go back to the Guardian Citadel, and back in the Inner Sanctum enter the helicopter and use your Helicopter Pilot skill to start it up.

You only get one ride in a helicopter in this game, so take Base Cochise as your option.

There are a couple of benefits to entering this way. First, the helicopter will stop and attack the base’s outer defenders, taking them out for you. Second, it puts you on the roof. Okay, so not a perfect landing, but everyone arrives in one piece.

Once you rope your way down from the roof, use your Secpass B to open the gates and enter the final area of the game.

The helicopter gives your other options but none are as good as going to Base Cochise and gaining the benefits of the initial aerial attack

Level 1

Once inside, use the conveyor belt to take you to the upper part of the level. There’s no need to dawdle now. At the top of the conveyor head to the right and you’ll find a section of wall that seems thinner than the others.

Give it a poke with a crowbar to reveal a chute that leads down to level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 lets you do some damage to the robot making machines, and also recruit the best NPC in the game.

From the entrance, pick the lock on the door, and then head west and south, and use the controls to extend the bridge over the radioactive muck.

After this point you’ll find a number of security monitoring devices set into the walls. Using your trusty crowbar, a single blow will put these machines permanently out of commission. Follow the corridor along to the main robot making area. Each of the machines is inside a metal cage, which your Picklock skill can easily open. Again, your trusty crowbar will do its work, destroying each in turn.

One terminal gives you the option to make your own robot – actually a good idea! Type ‘run’ to start the program, and then select the third option, ‘admin’ to create a new member of your party (assuming you have the space).

Vax comes with his own power armor, power packs and laser rifle, and is a great addition to the party, even for a short time.

After creating Vax, make your way to the room in the top north east, where more power armor awaits whoever missed out at the Guardian Citadel. There are also some additional AT weapons here, I suggest you take as many as you can. At the very least, you’ll need 4 of these to blast through doors on the fourth level of Base Cochise.

With this done, make you way back to the room just north of where you entered and continue on to level 3.

Level 3

This level consists of four rooms, each providing their own challenge. Each room contains a computer terminal which when activates will open the door to the next. There is no other way through other than completing the challenge in each room.

The first room has slippery, oil-covered bars to climb over. Choose a character with high Agility and a good Climb skill (those sand dunes in Needles were useful!) and you’ll be fine.

The second room requires a good level of Perception. This allows your party member to find the mines placed across the floor between the door and the terminal.

The third room presents a series of environmental challenges between you and the computer. Someone with high Luck should be able to get there and back again.

The fourth and final room is the Combat Simulator. I took the whole party in here.

Fight off the various laser cannons that open up at you from the walls and get to the terminal. Completing this room opens the way to level 4 and the endgame.

Level 4

Your Secpass B will get you through the first door. Once you’ve taken down the security turrets, travel to the south east room – Security Electronics.

The door to get in, along with the other three doors here, will only respond to the gentle touch of an RPG-7 or equivalent. No cards will work on them.

Once inside Security Electronics, you can use your Electronics skill to reduce the rate enemies will appear. This will make the next steps safer and easier.

In the northwest room go to reactor control, break through the glass, and use the plasma coupler you extracted from that broken toaster back at the Guardian Citadel. This will get the machine working once again and open the doors to the four key rooms.

Your next step is to initiate the sequence that will destroy Base Cochise. Do this by leaving the right individual in the right place, and move as a party to the next key room. This will mitigate the impact of any random encounters as you move through the complex.

Starting in the reactor room, since you are there anyway. Leave someone with a Rad Suit (important!) and the Blackstar Key.

In the OSHA room (south west), you’ll leave someone with the Quasar Key.

The OSHA room features ambishing robots which will automatically fight you. If you have decent Brawling skill (level 2 or better) you will generally win automatically.

In the Robot maintenance room (north east), break the conveyor belt, and then leave someone with the Nova Key.

Finally the rest of the party can travel to the Security Electronics Room with the Pulsar Key.

There are two parts to the destruction sequence. The first is the keys, and the second is colours in a different order. Use (V)iew to go back to the first character you dropped off, in the Reactor Room.

Use the Blackstar key on the glowing square to begin the sequence. Next, do the same with the Nova Key in the Robot Maintenance Room. Then it’s the Pulsar Key in the Security Electronics Room. Finally, in the OSHA room, use the Quasar Key. If you activate a key in the wrong sequence you will need to start again from the beginning.

Once you complete the first sequence, a security protocol (1342-666) will activate, sealing your party in the rooms. Note if you are playing on the X-box, your ‘Y’ button will let you continue. On the PC, any key will suffice.

Now use (V)iew again to switch back to the reactor room. Walk over the glowing square and select 1. Red

Switch back to the Security Electronics Room and select 2. Yellow. In the OSHA room select 3. Green. The final step in the sequence is to select 4. Blue in the Robot Maintenance Room.

Again if you get the order wrong, you will need to start again by selecting 1. Red in the Reactor Control Room.

Once the second sequence is complete the rooms unseal and it’s time to leave the base as quickly as possible!

This part of the game is timed so don’t dawdle or dally. There is an escape pod which will take you back to the first level. The escape pod is located directly north of the door you entered through and it’s automatically revealed once the second sequence is complete.

The rad suit comes in handy here as your character in the Reactor Control Room can just walk straight through the irradiated squared instead of taking the potentially fatal longer path through the room. Reform your party outside the escape pod and enter.

The escape pod only takes you as far as level 1, so you aren’t done running yet.

Once back on level 1 head for the exit, you should leave Base Cochise entirely and head out into the Wasteland.

After a moment the end sequence of the game will begin.

The ending doesn’t just show the demise of Base Cochise but also gives a summary of what happens next based on your actions in the game. For example if you killed Ugly in Quartz and freed Felicia and Mayor Pedros it will show the town flourishing. If you ignored this part it will show the town in ruins, having become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Similar endings apply to other places in the Wasteland, but you can see those for yourselves.

Good luck, rangers!

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