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Wasteland remastered walkthrough part 12: Guardian Citadel

If you missed it, go back to part 11 where we deal with Sleeper Base and Project Darwin.

Time to finally lock horns with those shut ins at the Guardian Citadel

With your nice shiny new armour from Sleeper Base, you will notice the absence of messages telling you that you can’t withstand a fight here. This should go nicely. Move north towards the main gates – the right path is the correct one to take. A pair of brothers named David and Goliath will attack you, and one of these drops a Pulsar Key.

You may remember in Vegas that Charmaine told you not to confuse Max’s Sonic Key with ‘the four keys of the Citadel’. You’ve just found the first. Three more to go. This is what we are really here for.

First though, a bunch of monks and nuns need killing. Through the gates (once you blast through with two charges) and to your right is a museum.

In one of the display cases is the Quasar Key.

Two down, two to go. In the northwest corner is a monk carrying an Ion Beamer, a powerful energy weapon. Be sure to pick this one up; it’s the only one in the game.

After you clear every nook and cranny, you can move on to the Outer Sanctum.

The remaining two keys can be found in the Outer Sanctum. To find the Blackstar key go to the altar room which is to your right. Search the altar and you’ll find the key.

The final key, the Nova Key is on the opposite side of the sanctum. Search the various cots here and you’ll be attacked. Your attacker will leave a body behind. Walk over it and he’ll try to attack you again with his dying breath. After this, he will leave a Nova key for you to collect.

The quest items have been retrieved; now it’s time for the loot. Don’t take the stairs yet, instead go to the left of the stairs and enter the rooms there. There’s wheel which you can use your Strength to activate. Upstairs, a portcullis has been moved out of your way.

Before going up the stairs you can take the small exit to the north east into the jail cells.

First, killing the jailers gets you a second Proton Ax.

Next, you can check the cells. Inside is a youth named Redhawk.

Remember that note at the top of the sand dune in Needles? Redhawk asks you to take him back to his home at Junkyard Village and claims his father ‘knows where your enemy lairs.’

Climbing the stairs to the Inner Sanctum you are confronted by a computer wanting a password. The password is ‘rosebud’ and this gets you access to five pieces of the most powerful armour in the game. Power Armour gives a significant bonus even over the Pseudo-Chitin Armour you just picked up from Sleeper Base. Yes, I said five pieces. There won’t be enough for everyone.

Head west and you can find some residents needing killed and another copy of that Secpass B card. Whatever the link is between Finster and the Guardians, it’s not obvious. Head east and you’ll come to two marvels. A workbench that allows you to repair toasters, and a helicopter.

Put a broken toaster on the workbench and use your Toaster Repair skill to give yourself a working toaster and a bunch of items. The helicopter we will leave alone for now.


Now it’s time for Redhawk. Take a walk south to the Junkyard Village.

The password to get in is ‘redhawk’.

Once inside they will ask you to drop your weapons. Agree, can you can continue. Disagree and you can continue over their corpses.

Either way, the Junkmaster lives directly north of the entrance and is happy to have Redhawk returned. He tells you the location of Base Cochise.

Drop Redhawk off here. We need the seventh party slot for later anyway. Join me for the next and final part as we invade Base Cochise… from the air!


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