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Commander 2020 art review

The 2020 Commander release features five decks, a return to the number of decks in the initial Commander releases. In recent years, 4 decks have been offered.

This set is also tied closely to the Ikoria set release for Standard. That set’s mechanics are featured, and the decks are centred around that world. The five decks each represent one 3-colour trio, all of which are also featured in the Ikoria release.

From an art persepctive this means that we are getting a second look at Ikoria. New characters and creatures from the world feature here, giving a more in-depth look at some of the relationships in the world.

Verge Rangers by Livia Prima

art by Livia Prima

The human fortress of Drannith is an isolated outpost in a world governed by monsters and beasts. The rangers of Drannith must rely on their wits and cooperation to extract what they need from the wilds before returning home.

Eon Frolicker

art by Brian Valeza

Elemental creatures and otters both featuee in Ikoria. So why not an elemental otter?

Herald of the Forgotten by Antonio Jose Manzanedo

art by Antonio Jose Manzanedo

The monsters gain some powerful new advocates in the Commander decks, including this flying beast.

Cazur, Ruthless Stalker by Daarken

art by Daarken

The relationship between bonders and their beasts is mentioned on many cards in Ikoria. In the Commander 2020 step it’s explore in the form of the Partner mechanic. Each deck features a character who partners with a specific creature. Cazur is from the Abzan (white, black, green) deck.

Jirina Kudro by Magali Villeneuve

art by Magali Villeneuve

Jirina is an important character in the story (yes, there really is one!) of Ikoria. She is caught between her father, the ruler of Drannith, and Lukka, whi cast out of the city after being revealed as a bonder.

You can see the full Commander 2020 cards at Scryfall, or view the decklists at MtG Goldfish.


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