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Wasteland remastered walkthrough part 10: Vegas, above and below

The first thing that happens here is that your jeep is stolen, never to return. Aww. Cheer up, because you land right next to the library – what could be more fun?

Pop your head inside and you can learn the Energy Weapon skill. You’ll need INT of 23 and 3 skill points. Every member of your party should have this skill.

Once you’re done in the library, take a walk along the street and enter the abandoned building on the corner here.

Move up through the building and you’ll come across a beggar. This is an ‘ask me anything’ situation, and you can learn who the main human villains in Las Vegas are. Also he knows some guy called Max that everyone seems to be looking for.

The other building of interest in south Vegas is this hospital. You may need it as you would already have noticed the killer robots haunting the streets and blocking almost every intersection.

Moving north from the hospital, we find one of the buildings we would have expected to see – a casino. Walk inside and it’s a run down kind of a place. The pit boss tells you to see his boss, a guy named Faran Brygo. Okay we’ll get there.

The next building on our journey north belongs to Fat Freddy. You can tell, because it’s painted on the roof. Freddy will give you $25,000 if you kill his rival, Faran Brygo. It’s best to say yes, even if you have no intention of carrying out the job.

Faran Byrgo’s place is further north, and it looks like a an abandoned building.

Also, that nasty Scorpitron will have you in its sights as you enter. Give the password Crumb gave you, then once you get further into the building give them crumb’s name.

Brygo himself, you can try to kill or try to help. If you choose the latter he will tell you that his man Max is missing and being too valuable to kill, should be found as soon as possible. Brygo mentions they are barely holding out against the machines, and that’s believable once you’ve fought the Scorpitron.

There’s an abandoned building south of Brygo’s place with the most powerful melee weapon in the game hidden inside. The proton ax can be found on one of your attackers. It will serve you well, and can even damage the Scorpitron outside.

The jail in located in the north east corner of Vegas, Explore inside and you’ll find a man named Covenant locked inside.

Free him, and he will happily join your party. Covnenant has high skills in AT Weapon and Assault Rifle so he should be useful.

Head south from the jail and you’ll run into a group of robots who will drop a Sonic Key when killed. You’ll need one of these for the sewers.

Mushroom Cloud church

Before you can enter this church you must fight an angel (kind of) and then answer a couple of questions. ‘Charmaine’ is a fine answer to the first question, ‘Bloodstaff’ is a nice gift to have brought.

In the Temple of the Mushroom Cloud, Charmaine offers to show you the way to the sewers… in exchange for getting her the Bloodstaff back from Needles. If she asks who sent you, tell her ‘Faran Brygo’.

This isn’t an inconvenient as it sounds. Before you head into the sewers, you need to ensure that everyone in your group has an assault rifle – or very good Brawling or Pugilism skills. Gun-wise the Uzi won’t cut it any more. There’s a couple of places you can quickly pick up assault rifles.

The first is the Waste Dump in south west Needles. You can visit here when you go to collect the Bloodstaff for Charmaine. Take plenty of TNT for the steel doors. Head down to level 3 and fight the monster. Once it’s dead head to the south west corner of level 3 to find two Rad Suits and two NATO assault rifles. Useful loot!

Needles waste dump

The second place to go is the Black Market in Darwin Village, far to the east around the mountains. Don’t worry about the password; just kill the two guards as they drop valuable loot which can be sold to help pay for the assault rifles you’re about to buy.

Black Market building in Darwin Village

Once you’re fully kitted up, head back to Charmaine. When you give her the Bloodstaff, she will open a door to the sewers for you, in the north west corner of the church. One tip with Charmaine – when she says “come no further” she means it. Advance to within a square of Charmaine and everyone in the sermon chamber will attack you.

You may also want to explore the rest of the church before you venture underground. There’s a library where you can learn how to use energy weapons, and since you’re about to find some that’s not a bad idea. There also a new NPC here waiting for you; Dr Mike Scot. As his name suggests, he has a high Doctor skill – level 5 in fact. If you’re not dead, he can heal you – assuming he’s not injured too.

Vegas Sewers

I won’t sugar coat this – there’s no quick way through the sewers. You have to search every nook and cranny for groups of robots foes, and kill them all. You will very likely need to come up for fresh air and new 7.62mm clips several times.

Certain groups of robots will drop items, and you’ll need to collect them all. It turns out that this Max is a robot and the other robots have turned on him and pulled him into pieces. You need to look out for servo motors, fusion cells, rom boards, and power converters. And of course an android head.

There’s two spots where you will want to use your rope. The first time you cross the… ahem, river, a thrown rope will see you across.

Similarly there’s a chasm that a rope will see you safely across. If you fall into the chasm it’s slow to get out as only one party member at a time can climb back up. Bring rope.

In other spots the concrete wall sounds hollow. Use a shovel to carve your way through the walls to open up new areas. There’s a western and an eastern sewers, and each of these is divided in north and south areas. You need to search every room and nook for the parts to remake Max.

Eventually you’ll come to a room that looks better than the others. The only way in is with that Sonic Key.


Once inside, it’s time to rebuild Max. There’s 4 stations, and each one requires different parts. At each stations, select the diagnostic function to find out what is wrong, then initiate repairs to use the needed items. Finally, select prep for assembly when the station has everything it needs.

The four stations run north to south. Counting the north most station as 1:

Station 1 needs an Android Head and a Fusion Cell.

Station 2 needs a Fusion Cell, and Power Converter, and Servo Motor, and a Rom Board.

Station 3 needs a Servo Motor

Station 4 needs three Servo Motors

You install each item one at a time before running the diagnostic again to see what you need next. If you run short on Servo Motors, remember there’s one in a cupboard in the cleaners’ room back in Quartz at the Stagecoach Inn. Just in case you need it.

Once all repairs are done Max will return.

A new place has been revealed on the map: Sleeper Base. This is our next stop. Max opens the way out as you can’t return the way you came.

In the next part we will head for Sleeper Base.



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