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A mechanically different Civilization

Board game mechanics are impacting the development of Old World in a positive way.

No, this is not a reference to the return to the Old World of Warhammer. In this context, Old World is a forthcoming computer game very much in the Civilization style.

In Old World, you control a dynasty as well as a faction, and so alliance through marriage and other diplomatic options become more important. In this vein similar to the computer game Crusader Kings 2. Both you and your computer opponents need to steer your dynasty successfully for your faction to prosper.

Once ‘innovative’ aspect of this game that amused me is the concept of Action Points. Apparently new to computer games, this staple of strategy board games also makes and appearance in Old World. This Kotaku previewer became quite excited about this ‘new feature’.

In fairness, I think that adding the concept of action points to a strategy game like this is a good idea – the surprising thing is that it hasn’t been done before. Games like Civilization often get bogged down in the mid to late game, as turns take ever longer, but it’s obvious the player has won.

Old World looks like an interesting addition to the genre, and is currently set to release later this year.

One comment on “A mechanically different Civilization

  1. Bookstooge
    April 17, 2020

    Eh, action points have been in computer games since the 90’s and games like X-Com relied heavily on them. Given, they’re not a widely used concept, but it is there. Sounds like that gamer you mentioned needs to experience a wider variety of games 😀

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