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Wasteland remastered walkthrough part 8: Clean Quartz

In the previous part we explored dirty old Quartz and freed Mayor Pedros. Now we proceed from the Courthouse to the Hideout to free his wife Felicia.

The Hideout

The gang’s hideout is directly North of the Courthouse, so easy enough to find. In the image above it’s the building on the right with part of the roof missing.

Once you’re inside, there’s no sneaking around here, it’s just a question of how many of these guys you want to fight. If the answer is all of them, then explore every room. If the answer is as few as possible, then take the direct route straight south to Ugly. You may prefer to take them all on, as these guys drop loot and plenty of it.

If you enter the officers’ quarters and take the trap door you’ll come to a pair of jail cells. In the left hand cell is a handy character named Ace. I like to recruit Ace before taking on Ugly, the gang leader.

Ace is from out of town, but he’s happy enough to stick around and help you clean up Quartz.

Ugly and Felicia

With Ace freed, just keep heading down through the hideout, then take a right turn to meet the gang leader, Ugly.

Ugly has Felicia strapped to a bomb, which doesn’t go over well with her husband.

Assuming you don’t feel like letting Ugly go, it’s time to fight it out. Ugly will rush you and then spray the group with bullets from his Uzi. Guards will also shoot at you from a distance. Deal with Ugly and you’ll be able to pick up his Uzi as your first automatic weapon. The Uzi uses the same 9mm ammo as your pistols, with the added advantage of having now 40 rounds per clip instead of 18.

You still have the little matter of Felicia and that bomb.

Now if maybe not the best time to wonder if you should have put points into the Bomb Disarm skill back during character creation. Don’t despair however. Ace has two points in Demolitions and this will work in a pinch to disarm the device safely.

The safe

At this point there’s nothing to do but take your loot and leave. The Quartz quest chain is now complete, and you didn’t have to kill a juvenile to do it! Take a trip into Ugly’s office and camp down next to his map of Quartz. I mean, literally. Spend enough time camped there and someone will notice the map looks off. Behind the map lies Ugly’s safe. The combination is the numbers you took from Huey, Dewey, and Louie (in that order).

The safe is worth the effort of looking for:

Some grenades, munitions, and the best armour you’ve seen so far are worth the effort of camping in the correct spot.

Before you leave Quartz, there a couple more things to know.

The infinity roof

There’s an alleyway between the Courthouse and Ugly’s hideout. In the image above we just move one square north to get there.

Enter and you’ll be in an enclosed space, but use a rope on the southmost square and you end up on the roof of Ugly’s hideout, looking down at his men.

Every time you look down, the characters in your party gain some experience. Every. Time. You can literally sit there holding escape for as long as you like, gaining experience each time. The game’s limit is somewhere around 16,000,000 experience.

You can compare the two roof images above by looking at the changing MAXCON of my party members. This was the result of me weighing down the Escape key and leaving to do the washing up – about 20 minutes. When I came back the party had moved from having around 5,000 exp each to having over 100,000 experience each.

You can have your party gain as much experience as you like. I like to use this in moderation but if you want to go to sleep and wake up with a very high level party that’s fine too.


There are a couple of other places in Quartz that you may find useful though not necessary.

The hospital

Located in the north west, the hospital can heal you up if you start to get a bit ragged in the gunfights with Ugly’s men.

The graveyard

The graveyard lies in the south east corner of town.

You can’t climb the high wall but you can pick the locked gates.

Inside are ghouls and gravestones. The ghouls drop loot though, so that’s okay.

The only other things to do before you leave town is to visit the store and sell any excess loot or items you no longer need.

That old busted jeep to the north? Head there with Ace in your party.

Once Ace fires the jeep up it will automatically take you to Needles and the next chapter of your adventure!

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  4. Matthew Matlock
    May 30, 2020

    Hey friend. Just wanted to give a heads up about the combination to the safe in Luckys Hideout. You say its the numbers from Huey, Dewey, and Louie in that order. However it didn’t work and I looked it up on the official wiki for Wasteland, and its actually Louie, then Huey, then Dewey in that order.

    Guides been great otherwise.

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    • davekay
      May 30, 2020

      Thanks for that Matt I will update asap


    • davekay
      May 30, 2020

      I just double-checked two separate saves, and the order was Hewey Dewey Louise in each of them – 11 (Hewey) 16 (Dewey) 27 (Louise) is always the safe combination. At least it works this way on the PC version. That’s also consistent with the videos which play when you take the jewelry from their bodies.


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